Do I need a VISA?
Yes. Go to website of the Indian embassy of your country. There you will find the application form as well as guidance for the further procedure. Please keep in mind that your VISA is valid from the date of issue. We recommend applying for a VISA one month before your departure.

What's the Indian currency?
The Indian currency is the Indian Rupee (INR). Its NOT allowed bringing Indian money in or out of the country. India offers lots of ATMs to get cash or alternatively you can get money in local exchange offices. Credit cards are also accepted.

What clothes will I need?
We recommend simple cotton underwear and light clothes. Since we are located in a region where the tourism is still in its infancy the local population is not used to revealing western clothes. Therefore women should wear clothes that will cover their armpits and knees. Lots of oil will be used during your treatments, which might cause stains on your clothes. Our Health Care Center is located in the mountains, which means it can get cold in the evening or at night. It's warm throughout the day, even when it’s raining, and temperatures won’t drop below 20°C. Be aware that from the evening on mosquitoes will become active, so don't forget to bring your own mosquito prevention. In India its NOT allowed to wear shoes inside the house, so make sure to wear shoes that can be easily put on and off. For your Yoga lessons we recommend wearing a light sweat suit.

Do I need some sort of vaccination??
You do not need any kind of vaccination before entering the country. Nevertheless we recommend checking with your doctor to discuss your trip to India.