Classical Ayurvedic Treatments


ABHYANGA: Full body oil massage with light and rhythmic strokes.

UZHICHIL: Here the full body massage is done by using warm oil with a combination of invigorating and soothing strokes with mild or firm pressure.

PIZHICHIL: Here warm medicated oil is poured all over the body in rhythmic movements. Its done mainly in Vata disorders. Very effective for joint stiffness and pains.

UDWARTHANA: This involves massage by using herbal dry powder. It exfoliates dead skin and leaves the skin fresh and glossy.Mainly advised in weight reduction as well as in arthritis conditions.

SHIRODHARA: It’sgreat relaxation process in which a thin stream of medicated luke warm oil / decoction/ curd is poured over the forehead.This is done in a specific pattern and is extremely relaxing and rejuvenating.

NJAVARA KIZHI: Here the boluses of special rice called njavara rice is boiled and medicated in special herbs are wrapped in hand size cotton bags called kizhi. It is a very effective rejuvenative treatment, done mainly in cases of neuro muscular and degenerative muscle diseases. It’s a tissue - nourishing treatment.

PODIKIZHI: Here poultices are prepared out of various herbs and medicated powders and the whole body is massaged after they are warmed in medicated oils/ decoctions etc. It’s very effective in inflammatory conditions (without oil) arthritis, paralysis, neuro-muscular problems etc.

ELA KIZHI: In this the herbal leaves are used to prepare the poultices and is dipped into hot medicated oil and applied all over the body. This is useful in body pain, arthritis, sprain etc.

We are happy to offer three different categories of treatments for the convenience of the patients/ customers.

Our Ayurvedic doctor will design your Ayurvedic course and treatments individually to your needs after an initial examination. You are most welcome to contact our doctor in prior to your Ayurveda treatment to clarify any details,

  1.          Rejuvinative
  2.          Health Oriented
  3.          Diseases Oriented
Classical Ayurvedic Treatments